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23 Aug 21 starter pack got hamsters16, hamsters20, tulips15, cheetahs11, yellowstonenationalpark09, bengaltigers19, stripeddolphins11
27 Aug 21 did blackjack and got acadianationalpark09, spring12, californiatowhees19, + 4 Droplets
  did pick a random and got morphobutterflies17, islandfoxes09, + 4 Droplets
  did guess the number and got whitesandsnationalpark03, amazonmilkfrogs16, waitomoglowwormcaves15, + 4 Droplets
  did slots and got whitesandsnationalpark14, californiatowhees20, spiderwebs02, commonravens19, + 6 Droplets
  did war and got opals04, aloevera06, + 3 Droplets
  did hangman and got whitejapaneseraccoondogs03, triceratops03, cockatiels02, + 4 Droplets
  did wheel of fortune and got kalaharilions13, leopardgeckos04, jupiter12, + 4 Droplets
  did freebies and got hydrangeas11, snowleopards02, spiderwebs18, + 4 Droplets
  did vote and got velociraptors12, antarctica18, + 4 Droplets
30 Aug 21 wish(Suza/Kayori) took B-bluejays01, A-apples01, C-cherries01, K-cockerspaniels01, T-triceratops01, O-polarbears01, S-hamsters01, C-cheetahs01, H-humboltpenguins01, O-mountainzebras01, O-graywolves01, L-longtailedtits01
  wish(Sunlit) took asiaticlions01, blackcats01, calicocats01, eurasianlynxes01, kalaharilions01
  wish(lex) took jupiter01, mars01, neptune01, saturn01
  new sets took moonstones01, tabbycats08, katmainationalpark01, oranges08, windcavenationalpark01
07 Sep 21 wish(Lex) took S-snowleopards03, E-emperorpenguins03, P-polarbears03, T-tyrannosaurusrex03, E-hamsters03, M-mountainlions03, B-blackcats03, E-europeanrabbits03, R-redpandas03
  wish(Schnegge) took whitelions03, wildstrawberries03, watermelons03, waterfalls03, winter03
  wish(Samu) got yellowcardinals10, sugargliders01, fireflies11, strawberries19, emperorpenguins07, deathvalleynationalpark17, drytortugasnationalpark20, dandelions19, katmainationalpark12, grizzlybears10
  new sets took wildstrawberries08, lotus08, anconaducks01, kobukvalleynationalpark01, petrifiedforestnationalpark01
14 Sep 21 wish(Hayley) took E-emperorpenguins20, N-neptune20, C-cheetahs20, O-oranges20, U-uranus20, R-redpandas20, A-arcticwolves20,G-giantpandas20, E-europeanrabbits20, M-mountainlions20, E-hamsters02, N-tyrannosaurusrex20, T-triceratops20
  wish(Schnegge) took I-islandfoxes03, L-littlebluepenguins03, O-kalaharilions03, V-graywolves03, E-apples03, N-diamonds03,A-lakes03, T-winter08, U-summer03, R-mars03, E-blackbears03, L-cockerspaniels03, L-lemons03, Y-amethysts03
  new sets took stegosaurus08, watermelontourmaline01, whalesharks08, lakebaikal01, longfinnedpilotwhales08
17 Sep 21 did blackjack and got mountainlions06, appleblossoms20, sareknationalpark09, + 4 Droplets
  did puzzle and got lakes16, sand18, coelacanths04, redtailedhawks08, + 6 Droplets
  did pick a random and got glaciernationalpark20, glaciernationalpark18, mountains08, + 4 Droplets
  did guess the number and got yellowstonenationalpark05, channelislandsnationalpark03, orcas04, + 4 Droplets
  did slots and got arcticwolves08, olympicnationalpark13, arcticwolves16, theodorerooseveltnationalpark03, + 6 Droplets
  did war and got fog13, gatesofthearcticnationalpark12, + 3 Droplets
  did hangman and got fourleafclovers20, biscaynenationalpark05, rain02, + 4 Droplets
  did wheel of fortune and got + 6 Droplets
  did freebies and got sand20, axolotls14, chineserainbowmountains01, + 4 Droplets
  did vote and got deathvalleynationalpark09, atlanticpuffins14, + 4 Droplets
19 Sep 21 traded mcs, whitesandsnationalpark14 for hamsters06 with Lex
21 Sep 21 for levelling up to 2 got hamsters18, hamsters19, nilecrocodiles02, oceans03, vermilioncardinals16, greatbasinnationalpark05
  wish(Whitney) took S-siberiantigers18, U-stegosaurus18, M-mountainlions18, M-mountainzebras18, E-emperorpenguins18, R-redfoxes18, H-hamsters13, E-europeanrabbits18, A-arcticwolves18, T-tabbycats18
  wish(Caitlin) took F-fall06, A-apples06, L-lemons06, L-lilacs06, B-blackholes06, E-eclipses06, G-galaxies06, I-jupiter06, N-neptune06, S-saturn06
  wish(Hayley) took A-asiaticlions03, U-dachshunds03, T-triceratops04, U-tyrannosaurusrex04, M-manulcats03, N-littlebluepenguins04, L-longtailedtits03, E-polarbears04, A-arcticfoxes03, V-graywolves04, E-cheetahs03, S-germanshepherds03
  new sets took shibainu08, americanbeavers08, elderflowers01, kingscanyonnationalpark01, lakeclarknationalpark01
27 Sep 21 wish(Emelie) took H-hamsters04, E-emperorpenguins04, L-littlebluepenguins05, L-longtailedtits04, O-polarbears05, A-americanredsquirrels04, U-uranus04, T-theearth04, U-jupiter04, M-mars04, N-neptune04, 2-yorkshireterriers02, 0-tabbycats10, 2-graywolves02, 1-dachshunds10
  wish(SalyaDarken) took arcticfoxes13, batearedfoxes13, fennecfoxes13, redfoxes13
  wish(Schnegge) took dilophosaurus13, stegosaurus13, triceratops13, tyrannosaurusrex13, velociraptors13
  new sets took lassenvolcanicnationalpark01, mandarinducks01, mangoes08, mesaverdenationalpark01, virginislandsnationalpark01
01 Oct 21 did blackjack and got snowdrops17, glacierbaynationalpark15, nilecrocodiles15, + 4 Droplets
  did pick a random and got holly11, falsekillerwhales10, + 3 Droplets
  did guess the number and got icicles19, lilacs01, turquoise11, + 4 Droplets
  did slots and got clydesdales13, broadbilledhummingbirds15, geysers09, lava08, + 6 Droplets
  did war and got whitejapaneseraccoondogs01, hoaryfoxes17, + 3 Droplets
  did hangman and got sareknationalpark02, ixora11, humboltpenguins05, + 4 Droplets
  did wheel of fortune and got hoaryfoxes07, bottlenosedolphins10, redseabeach01, + 6 Droplets
  did freebies and got jalapenos04, goldfish04, liliesofthevalley08, + 4 Droplets
  did vote and got fennecfoxes09, wombats06, + 4 Droplets
05 Oct 21 for levelling up to 3 got hamsters05, hamsters07, spinnerdolphins05, velociraptors15, japaneseraccoondogs13, icebergs11
  wish(Hayley) took S-siberianhuskies07, P-polarbears07, O-arcticfoxes07, O-arcticwolves07, K-blackcats07, Y-yorkshireterriers07, S-snowleopards07, E-europeanrabbits07, A-asiaticlions07, S-stegosaurus07, O-triceratops07, N-whitelions07
  wish(Lex) took jupiter14, whitejapaneseraccoondogs14, japaneseraccoondogs14, bluejays20, jade20, jasper20
  wish(Emelie) took asiaticlions14, blackcats14, cherries14, eclipses14, fennecfoxes14, japaneseraccoondogs07, kalaharilions14, lemons14, mars14, yorkshireterriers14
  new sets took bluebells01, peaches07, europeanbadgers07, mountrainiernationalpark01, quetzalcoatlus07
08 Oct 21 traded mcs, dandelions19, sugargliders01, theodorerooseveltnationalpark03, yellowcardinals10 for yorkshireterriers15, dachshunds01, dachshunds08, dachshunds09 with suza
11 Oct 21 Free Candy Bowl: 7 Candy
  Fortune Teller: 8 Candy
  Wheel of Misfortune: 8 Candy
  Pumpkin Patch: 8 Candy
  Spooky Hangman: 7 Candy
  wish(Schnegge/Suza) took H-hamsters08, A-arcticfoxes08, P-pembrokewelshcorgis08, P-polarbears08, Y-yorkshireterriers08, H-humboltpenguins08, A-arcticwolves01, L-littlebluepenguins08, L-longtailedtits08, O-mountainlions08, W-whitelions08, E-emperorpenguins08, E-europeanrabbits08, N-mountainzebras08, 2-winter02, 0-summer10, 2-spring02, 1-jupiter11
  wish(Hayley) took P-neptune18, U-thesun18, M-mars18, P-eclipses18, K-siberianhuskies18, I-islandfoxes18, N-dachshunds18, S-snowleopards18, P-redpandas18, I-siberiantigers13, C-cockerspaniels18, E-europeanbadgers18
  new sets took pembrokewelshcorgis07, raccoons07, raspberries07, chihuahuas07, dikdiks01
12 Oct 21 Spooky Hangman: 2 Candy
  Pumpkin Patch: 5 Candy
  Haunted Puzzle: 10 Candy
  Wheel of Misfortune: 10 Candy
  Fortune Teller: 10 Candy
  Free Candy Bowl: 6 Candy
  did blackjack and got scarlettigermoths15, ixora06, shetlandponies13, + 4 Droplets + 11 Candy
  did pick a random and got + 3 Droplets + 8 Candy
  did guess the number and got redpandas14, californiatowhees04, fallowdeer02, + 4 Droplets + 15 Candy
  did slots and got africangreys05, lightning13, calicocats14, pinkfairyarmadillos09, + 6 Droplets + 22 Candy
  did war and got + 4 Droplets + 21 Candy
  did hangman and got hoaryfoxes15, geodes17, graywolves09, + 4 Droplets + 29 Candy
  did wheel of fortune and got + 3 Droplets + 23 Candy
  did freebies and got manulcats05, lavender07, virginislandsnationalpark15, + 4 Droplets + 23 Candy
  did vote and got bluejays17, arcticwolves11, + 4 Droplets
13 Oct 21 Trick or Treat (Hayley - Treat): eurasianbullfinches13, corsacfoxes17, themoon01, bioluminescentbeaches08
14 Oct 21 Spooky Hangman: 2 Candy
  Pumpkin Patch: 2 Candy
  Haunted Puzzle: 4 Candy
  Wheel of Misfortune: 7 Candy
  Fortune Teller: 1 Candy
  Free Candy Bowl: 9 Candy