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traded mcs, xia-flower18, disturbed-thelight16, thesaturdays19 for thescript18, linkinpark-crawling09, shinee-lovelikeoxygen13 with catherine(3)
traded mcs, mcr-theghostofyou14(dup) for thescript11 with maitland
traded adele-hello14, adele-hello16, top17 for my kai10, kai19, justinbieber12 with maitland(3)
traded mcs, britneyspears-pieceofme04, brunomars20, katyperry09, katyperry20, kellyclarkson-neveragain10 for jungkook08, jungkook17, exo-monster09, exo-monster15, jonghyun06 with marina(5)
traded ladygaga-badromance09(dup), ladygaga07, ladygaga20, adamlevine09(dup), edsheeran-perfect20, thekillers-shotatthenight20 for 5sos-outofmylimit04,5sos-outofmylimit14, 5sos-outofmylimit17, backstreetboys18, bts09, bts19 with lyn s(6)
traded mcs, beyonce13(dup), adele13, adele20 for backstreetboys10, jungkook20, jonghyun09 with fran(3)
traded mcs, adamlambert03, adele-hello05, adele-hello07, adele-hello11, dido-whiteflag01for nsync-byebyebye12, jonasbrothers-sos01, jacksonwang-dawnofus04, kai02, jungkook09 with fina(5)
traded mcs, adamlevine09, kellyclarkson-behindthesehazeleyes02, ladygaga-judas12 for justintimberlake14, bsb-shapeofmyheart05, bts-fire05 with emily(3)