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Cards for Trade

Jenna & Matt 13 Going On 30

Hannah & Clay 13 Reasons Why

Max & Caroline 2 Broke Girls

Sam & Austin A Cinderella Story

Roxanne & Max A Goofy Movie

Goofy & Max A Goofy Movie

The Baudelaires A Series of Unfortunate Events

Jamie & Landon A Walk To Remember

Lady Rainicorn & Jake Adventure Time

Princess Bubblegum & Marceline Adventure Time

Tweedledee & Tweedledum Alice In Wonderland

Alice & Madhatter Alice In Wonderland

Jasmine & Aladdin Aladdin

Anya & Dimitri Anastasia

Kida & Milo Atlantis

Jane & Henry Austenland

Belle & Beast Beauty & The Beast

Belle & Gaston Beauty & The Beast - Animated

Jesse & Walter Breaking Bad

Torrance & Missy Bring It On

Phoebe & Piper Charmed

Phoebe & Cole Charmed

Piper & Paige Charmed

Piper & Leo Charmed

Kit & Ella Cinderella

Cher & Josh Clueless

Nick & Rachel Crazy Rich Asians

Harley & Joker DC Animated

Harley & Ivy DC Animated

Deedee & Dexter Dexter's Lab

Scrooge & Launchpad Duck Tales

Danielle & Henry Ever After

Bart & Ken Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Webby & Scrooge Duck Tales

Olive & Todd Easy A

Jovie & Buddy Elf

Emma & Knightley Emma

Jack & Bobby Four Brothers

Phoebe & Mike Friends

Phoebe & Joey Friends

Phoebe & Chandler Friends

Monica & Rachel Friends

Rachel & Ross Friends

Monica & Chandler Friends

Chandler & Ross Friends

Chandler & Joey Friends

Anna & Kristoff Frozen
Ginger & Brigitte Ginger Snaps

Ginger & Brigitte Ginger Snaps - 3

Lorelai & Rory Gilmore Girls - 2

Lorelai & Luke Gilmore Girls - 2

Emily & Lorelai Gilmore Girls - 2

Rachel & Finn Glee

Santana & Brittany Glee

Blair & Chuck Gossip Girl

Blair & Dorota Gossip Girl

Blair & Nate Gossip Girl

Blair & Serena Gossip Girl

Chuck & Nate Gossip Girl

Serena & Dan Gossip Girl

Meredith & Alex Grey's Anatomy

Meredith & Cristina Grey's Anatomy

Meredith & Derek Grey's Anatomy

Lexie & Mark Grey's Anatomy

Fred & George Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry & Sirius Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Weasleys Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hermione & Ron Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry & Prof. Lupin Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Lily & Barney How I Met Your Mother

Robin & Barney How I Met Your Mother

Andie & Benjamin How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Natasha & Pepper Iron Man - 2

Moss & Roy IT Crowd

Jen & Roy IT Crowd

Elle & Emmett Legally Blonde

Maleficent & Aurora Maleficent

Cece & Schmidt New Girl

Jess & Cece New Girl

Jess & Nick New Girl
Nick & Norah Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Emma & Hook Once Upon a Time

Regina & Robin Once Upon a Time

Belle & Rumple Once Upon a Time

Mulan & Aurora Once Upon a Time

Snow & Charming Once Upon a Time

Claire & Jamie Outlander

Aria & Ezra Pretty Little Liars

Spencer & Toby Pretty Little Liars

Elizabeth & Darcy Pride & Prejudic

Shawn & Gus Psych

Juliet & Shawn Psych

Marianne & Brandon Sense & Sensibility

Miranda & Steve Sex and The City

Charlotte & Samantha Sex and The City

Sweeney & Mrs Lovett Sweeney Todd

Rapunzel & Flynn Tangled

Virginia & Wolf The 10th Kingdom

Wanda & Pietro The Avengers - Age of Ultron

Amy & Sheldon The Big Bang Theory

Penny & Sheldon The Big Bang Theory

Raj & Howard The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon & Leonard The Big Bang Theory
Korra & Asami The Legend of Korra

Ariel & Eric The Little Mermaid

Allie & Noah The Notebook

Marissa & Summer The O.C.

Seth & Ryan The O.C.

Summer & Seth The O.C.

Hallie & Annie The Parent Trap

Mia & Lilly The Princess Diaries

Tulio & Miguel The Road to El Dorado

Carol & Daryl The Walking Dead

Maggie & Glenn The Walking Dead

Michonne & Rick The Walking Dead
Rose & Jack Titanic

Barbie & Ken Toy Story

Sookie & Bill True Blood

Carl & Russell Up

Ellie & Carl Up

Veronica & Logan Veronica Mars

Veronica & Lilly Veronica Mar

Veronica & Wallace Veronica Mars