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traded mcs, animalcookies09, animalcookies11 for bananas03, bananas13 with Ouji(2)
traded cookiedough06, cookiedough07, hottea01 for cupcakes14, chocolatestrawberries04, chocolatestrawberries11 with ouji(3)
traded mcs, brie10 for strawberries03 with manda
traded mcs, macarons02, pizza04, pizza15 for lemons10, bananas04, champagne13 with lyn s(3)
traded mcs, frenchtoast15 for gummybears05 with mary
traded lollipops01 for bananas11 with ouji
traded macarons14, ramen05, ramen10, scallops01, scallops15, garlic04 for cheesecake05, cheesecake09, gummybears09, gummybears10, spaghetti06, spaghetti07 with marina(6)
traded bagels10, bentoboxes10, starbucks15 for chocolateblocks05, chocolateblocks10, chocolateblocks15 with marina(3)