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Joined: 12 Jul 19

Cards: 1011 worth 1011


131 coins


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Trades (since 12 Jul 19)

traded mcs, fatalframe19, transistor11, bastion11 for charmander13, xmenlegends02, xmenlegends10 with cici(3)
traded fatalframe17 for charmander16 with cici
traded dishonored05, dishonored20 for buffyvampireslayer07, yoshi11 with cici(2)
traded elderscrollsvskyrim20 for xmenlegends16 with jyri
traded sims314 for buffyvampireslayer15 with naava
traded tetris01, sora10 for tokiyaichinose11, yoshisisland05 with jyri(2)
traded silenthilldownpour10, dmcdevilmaycry12 for thelionking11, buffyvampireslayer03 with cici(2)
traded fatalframeiii15 for renjinguji04 with cici
traded mcs, dragonageoriginsawakening13, alistair10, alistair11, anders02, anders03, anders13, garrusvakarian01, garrusvakarian03, garrusvakarian16, finalfantasyfirstkiss04, finalfantasyfirstkiss18 for renjinguji10, criminalminds13, buffyvampireslayer14, reijisakamaki19, donkeykong6416, diddykong18, donkeykongcountry09, epicmickey04, epicmickey06, bowser18, tokiyaichinose12 with claire(11)